It’s not often that I talk about my twin birth story, probably because I had a caesarean and don’t feel like there’s much to say. When I think about it deeply however, there is actually quite a lot to it so I thought I would share. If you are familiar […]

Dumebi Black Midwifery

My latest addition to the Marvellous Midwives series features Dumebi, who is behind the Instagram page @blackmidwifery Tell me about you, where you are from and how long you have been a midwife Hello, my name is Dumebi Pemberton and I’m from London and I’ve been a practising midwife for […]

Chelsea is a student midwife I have followed on Instagram for some time now. I’m delighted to include her in my spectacular student midwife series! Tell about you, where you are from and what year you are in. I’m Chelsea, Jamaica born, London bred and Bedfordshire dwelling. I’m a second […]

In the UK, we offer a screening test to all newborn babies at around 5 days of age. This is to detect a wide range of rare illnesses that aren’t always apparent at birth. When they are detected early, life saving treatment and care can be given. MCADD is a rare […]

Alexus, a new mother from the US, shared her birth story with me. Unfortunately although both her and her baby are well physically, Alexus did not have the birth experience that she wanted or expected. I was scheduled for an induction on Friday March 20th, 2020 as I am a […]

Jordan is a passionate first year student midwife whose start to her course has been a little different due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Jordan shares all with me in this wonderful interview. Tell me about you, where you are from and what year you are in. My name is Jordan, […]

I’m delighted to add another interview to the Marvellous Midwives series. Sheena Byrom is an experienced midwife, mother and grandmother. She is also the co-owner of The Practising Midwife Journal and maternity platform All 4 Maternity. She is an inspiration to many in the profession, including me! Tell me about […]

Student midwife Jasmine shares her journey to midwifery! If you are a prospective student midwife, you’ll love the ‘midwife qualities’ she’s listed for you! Tell me about you, where you are from and what year you are in. I’m Jas, I’m a third year student at ARU.  Why did you […]