It’s not often that I talk about my twin birth story, probably because I had a caesarean and don’t feel like there’s much to say. When I think about it deeply however, there is actually quite a lot to it so I thought I would share. If you are familiar […]

In the UK, we offer a screening test to all newborn babies at around 5 days of age. This is to detect a wide range of rare illnesses that aren’t always apparent at birth. When they are detected early, life saving treatment and care can be given. MCADD is a rare […]

*Warning: This article describes a traumatic birth experience* A couple of days ago I was contacted by 23 year old Asha, a Black Swedish woman who wanted me to share her traumatic story of the negligence surrounding her birth and postpartum period that nearly cost her her life. Asha says […]

My pregnancy was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through. I never thought I would ever say this because you only have to go online to see the cute bump pictures, glowing faces and adorable gender announcements but my pregnancy didn’t quite go that way.  When […]

I am always talking about how the mind and body work in sync when it comes to having a baby. If you are feeling anxious or fearful it can actually inhibit the process which then makes you even more anxious! This can manifest itself by causing a longer labour or […]