” I’m 39 weeks pregnant and my doctor says my cervix is still closed. What’s wrong with me, why aren’t I dilating?” Well the clue is in the first few words. You’re only 39 weeks pregnant, you’re not in labour and in fact your baby could still be a couple […]

Some women will give birth via Caesarean section (c-section) and this can be planned or unplanned. If you have a c-section planned, it’s much easier to prepare for it but in the event of an unplanned c-section, it’s always good to know what to expect just in case. C-sections may […]

I am always talking about how the mind and body work in sync when it comes to having a baby. If you are feeling anxious or fearful it can actually inhibit the process which then makes you even more anxious! This can manifest itself by causing a longer labour or […]