27th February 2021 online

Childbirth Rights workshop

Every woman and birthing person has the right to ultimately make her own decisions surrounding their care during pregnancy and birth. Birth professionals must provide care that is safe, appropriate, respects privacy, is free from discrimination, protects dignity and allows for the woman or birthing person to be free to make choices, even if the care giver does not agree.This 1 hour workshop hosted live by Midwife Marley is expect parents, birth partners and birth workers. She will delve into the following:-

– What are childbirth rights?
– Mental capacity
– What is informed choice and consent?- – Examples and scenarios
– How to tackle situations where a person Is not being listened to
– How the birth space can be protected from the outset

This workshop will enable you to have a better understanding of childbirth rights to help you feel more empowered as an expectant parent, birth partner or birth worker supporting others. If you are a nurse or midwife, attending this workshop will entitle you to 1 x CPD point towards your revalidation. Certificate available on request. All queries relating to the workshop to be sent to marley@midwifemarley.com

March 20th 2021 Introduction to Hypnobirthing Online

Introduction to Hypnobirthing hosted by Midwife Marley will give you the fundamentals behind Hypnobirthing and how it can help you to have a positive birth experience.
Hypnobirthing gives you the tools and techniques to be able to change your perception of birth, become more confident, empowered, calm and positive throughout.

– You will learn How the mind has an impact on birth
– How to prepare yourself physically & mentally for birth during pregnancy
– Breathing techniques for birth
– Visualisations
– Options for further study/practice

Who is this for? This session is for anyone expecting a baby that wants to prepare their body and mind for the big day. If you want to be empowered, confident and calm then this is for you!

If you are a birth worker hoping to teach these techniques to your clients, this may also be beneficial.
This session covers the above but is not a complete programme with MP3’s, scripts, practice schedule and other resources. If you would like to enrol on the full programme after this session, to be able to download those resources, you can do so at a 50% discount. The full course is currently £39.99 ($53 USD)
Discount codes will be available during this session.
There will be a replay available for anyone who is unable to make the live session.