Private: Hypnobirthing with Me

Hypnobirthing sessions

These online sessions enable you to work towards having have a more empowered and comfortable birth experience using the power of the mind and techniques bring you more confidence in birth. Some women even report how quick their labours were after taking this course! The main thing is that you are comfortable and in control.

This hypnobirthing course will support you to keep calm and relaxed, to breathe and to ‘enjoy’ your birth. It is designed to fill you with knowledge and confidence along with supporting you through the intensity of the surges (contractions). The knowledge you will gain from the course will help you to make your own informed decisions about your birth.

I will cover the following:

  • History of hypnobirthing
  • The physiology of birth
  • Fear and it’s effect on labour & birth
  • ‘Re-programming’ the mind and it’s attitude towards birth
  • Visualisations & relaxation techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Language and birth
  • Developing confidence
  • Birth partner and light touch massage
  • Preparing your body for the big day
  • Informed choice

and much more

Once you start the hypnobirthing course and learn the science behind it, you will suddenly have a moment of realisation where everything begins to make sense! It will feel like magic but is absolutely real and most certainly within your grasp!

Hypnobirthing doesn’t promise you a ‘perfect’ birth but it definitely stacks the odds in your favour of  having the best birth possible for you.

The tools and techniques you will learn on a course are hugely beneficial for mums to be, birth partners and babies! The relaxation techniques you learn will support you through birth and into parenthood. Time required: 4 hours split over 2 days.

After signing up to this course you will get:

  • A hard copy of the hypnobirthing manual sent to you in the post
  • Client access to The Little Birth Company’s online portal where you will find a host of resources to download including some hypnobirthing MP3 files
  • Email contact with me during and after completion of the course to answer any queries you may have

All you need is to have access to a quiet environment and a device that is able to connect well to zoom or skype.

The price is per couple. I try and limit the classes to no more than 4-5 couples so that there is room for everyone to ask questions if they wish.

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