Keeping up with life long learning and CPD in my practice

As a midwife, it’s important that I am continually updating and refreshing my knowledge in all areas of midwifery. There are an array of midwifery training courses, workshops and study days available within the UK which makes it easier for midwives to keep up to date and plan for their revalidation which is required by the NMC every 3 years.

Some workshops and courses for midwives are available to attend in person held at various venues around the country, often in university or hospital settings. There are other options however for those who are pushed for time and are not able to travel as freely. I am one of those midwives! With a large family to look after as well as work, attending workshops would be quite difficult for me so I looked into completing a course online instead.

I decided to enrol with The Mum and Baby Academy to have a look at a selection of available CPD for midwives and found a breastfeeding one that I liked the look of. I’m passionate about supporting women who want to breastfeed but that might struggle in the early days so the Supporting women through early breastfeeding challenges online course seemed ideal. Once I signed up for free, the breastfeeding CPD module was pretty easy to access. One of the things I found helpful was that prior to starting, it asked you questions about your practice, I guess to make you reflect on how you would currently support women through breastfeeding and what, if any, challenges you may face.

The session took about 30 minutes to complete and was full of evidence based information about breastfeeding, some of which was news to me which made it even more helpful! After completing the assessment, for which I got 8/9 (a little gutted I didn’t get 9/9 but hey) I was able to download a certificate and can keep that in my file to go towards my NMC revalidation when the time comes.

When I get a chance, I will be going back to view the other free certified CPD courses by Mum and Baby Academy which include Anti-d, C-section wound healing, safe sleep in pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, nutrition in pregnancy and more. The Mama and baby academy are ideal for midwives and even student midwives that want to learn in the comfort of their own homes.

Take a look at the video below to give you more information on the free CPD modules for midwives and nurses.

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