Malaysha’s Birth Story

Malaysha is from the United States and shared with me in her own words, the birth of her second child.

Throughout my pregnancy it was very fulfilling, emotional and worthwhile. I say that because as you know 2020 is a rollercoaster. I did not plan this pregnancy like my first. So, it was as surprise.  I already did plan that if I were to have another child, I wanted to go all natural with a midwife and hopefully waterbirth.

I did all the research ahead of time, so I was prepared to make sure I did get the experience I deserved. I attended the Savannah Midwife Birth Center in Savannah, Ga. This place was everything I dreamed of. I had classes I attended every month and given the needed resources to prepare me throughout the whole process. They did all the testing you need, and the staff of midwives and nurses were so supportive. My first trimester was a little rough nausea and really no weight gain, but I was extremely healthy. Second trimester was much better gained normal weight and I could eat again. I did measure like I was further along in my pregnancy, but I had a lot of fluid and just all belly. My due date was April 21st.

As the third trimester rolled around, my back hurt, I was always hungry, and I could not get comfortable to sleep. My acid reflux was downright ridiculous, but I made it through. Also, baby was always low, and when I say low, I mean low. Throughout my pregnancy my emotions were a little irregular, I was happy to be pregnant, but I feared what postpartum would be and could I handle a toddler plus a newborn. With the help of my husband, my mom and the birthing center they gave me the reassurance that I would be ok. Everything I did to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for birth was I read Ina Mays guide to Childbirth, watching positive birth videos of what I wanted, and listening to people who were supportive of my decision and had a natural birth. Also, I had to know my “Why”, which was that I wanted to be in control and to have no interference. So now its March and I am just waiting for the day to have my sunshine and Boom! Global pandemic. Everything changed even though I was already home now I really had to stay home. I had to go to my appointments by myself, my husband sat in the car, so I was not completely alone. Also, my birthing team went down to one person which was my husband. I was grateful to have him there with me because some people who birth at some hospitals could not have anyone. So, it’s now 2 weeks before my due date, everyone thought she was going to come early because I was so low. The part that was most irritating is that I was having contractions off and on for two weeks with no progression whatsoever. Prodromal labor is such a tease lol. So here it is my due date and they check my cervix its not even dilated. Given the information I researched and know from experience dilation does not determine when you will give birth. So I just continued to do my exercises, walking, having sex when it was comfortable to do so and practicing my breathing. Still having some contractions here and there.

Last resort to naturally get her out was going to be this midwife brew, I got all the supplies and Its now May 5th at 5am and I start having contractions. They were pretty spread out so I was thinking it still might not be the day. At one point it stopped for an hour I was like “oh no. please do not stop”. Well they came back for sure and never left lol. I called my midwives just to let them know my progression. For 12 hours I labored so well at home I did not realize how intense they were. I was cleaning, doing my exercises to help her get in position better all while taking care of my toddler. My husband kept asking should we leave yet, how close are they, do they hurt too much yet lol. I am over here so nonchalant like nope I am good!

So fast forward to 8 o’clock I called my midwife again to tell her my contractions were about 7-10 minutes apart. So she told me to take a 30 min bath to calm down contractions and after rest as much as I can because I could have her in the morning but to call back if they get closer or water break and more intense. Number one reason why is because I lived an hour away and it was my second baby. So, I did just so, took a bath, and was talking to my Mom while having contractions to stay focused. The bath I don’t think help calm them down because every time I had one, I had to stop talking and start rocking my head back and forth. I said ok yeah now its real. But I did not think it was about to get serious for me in the next hour. I tried too lay down and rest, but it was not working. I had to do my deep breathing now. Laying down did not help. Its 10 o’clock now I went from active labor to transition in one hour. My husband said well let us head to your Moms which is in Savannah so we can be closer to the Birth center. So, as we are getting ready, I am calling my midwife and said they are now 2-5 minutes apart. She said to go ahead and come to the center instead. Mind you I could hardly walk now, and my son is looking at me like what’s wrong Mommy.

Now its 12am and they are so intense, we drop my son off to his Grandparents and head the center. I get in the backseat of the car and trying to do everything I can to get through it. I was all over the place. Making those moaning sounds as all pregnant women do.  Twenty-five minutes on the road so far and guess what happens my water breaks, and my husband heard it . It felt great, but I was like no turning back now she is coming. So, my husband is booking it, I am good keep driving I say. Little did I know that she was coming down my canal trying to make her way down.  10 minutes away I feel her head coming, I said babe she is trying to come out! So, I did my shallow breaths, so I did not push yet but my urges were strong, so I had to pray. We get there and her head is almost out. My husband had to help me waddle to the room. The midwife told me to get on the bed and lay on my side lift my leg and push. 2 pushes and the loudest scream I could let out and she was here. My 8-pound 11 ounce 20 inches long baby girl was here in my arms. She was so beautiful and had so much hair. I would not trade my experience for the world. I didn’t even tear this time.

A month has gone by and I have no postpartum depression, I’m healing great, my son loves his sister, my husband is still home with me and my baby girl Ava is perfect now weighing 11 pounds 4 ounces 22 inches long all from breast milk. I will tell anyone get a midwife or doula and do your research you can have the birthing experience you deserve.

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