Maternity leave and pay in various countries around the world

How much paid maternity leave are you entitled to? 
It varies incredibly from country to country and it’s such a shame that some countries offer such little parental leave as it is so difficult going back to work just weeks after having a baby. Not only are you recovering physically but leaving a small baby while you return to work can be really difficult. It can impact greatly on things such as breastfeeding.
The examples above are what is offered to women in the form of leave paid by the employer and the government combined. Some places have extended financial support in certain circumstances like if you have twins or triplets.
In the UK women are entitled to 1 years leave and 9 months of that is paid by the employer and the government. In the US there is no obligation for employers to pay for women to go on leave at all. Large Companies that have more than 50 employees are obliged however to allow a woman to have 3 months maternity leave but it’s at their discretion as to whether they compensate for it. Paternity leave varies from country to country too. In the UK men are allowed 2 weeks leave but again its up to the employer whether or not they pay.
What about you? Do you know what you’re entitled to?

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