Post Partum Body

Can you spot the difference? There isn’t much really. Apart from your abdomen reducing in size a lttle bit, you will more than likely find that you will still have a bit of a belly for a while and thats ok – it’s normal!
Of course every woman is different and a few may find that they go back to pre pregnancy size very quickly, but for the vast majority it takes much longer.
Don’t be surprised if you’re still wearing maternity clothing for a while after the birth. As well as the extra fat you will have stored during pregnancy (which is utilized well if you are breastfeeding), Your body will have produced a lot of extra blood to circulate around your body and probably retained water.
The uterus grows massively during pregnancy and take take a few weeks for some women to reduce to pregnancy size too.
It can take around 9 months, sometimes longer for your body to recover from pregnancy so be kind on yourself ?

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