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Hi I’m Marley!

I am a midwife and mother of 5, passionate about educating expectant mothers about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond. I do this via classes, public speaking and through my social media platforms. I have collaborated with numerous brands and media outlets and host a weekly podcast talking about a wide range of pregnancy & parenting topics. If you are interested in working with me, please contact midwifemarley@channelmum.com 

My handles are as follows: Instagram: @Midwifemarley     Facebook: Midwife Marley    Youtube: Midwife Marley


BBC News Interview
Channel Mum – Maternal Mortality Rate Amongst Black Women
BabyCare Tens Machine
Baby Show Excel Live Talk
Channel Mum – All About Contractions
Pampers Demo

Expert Commentary


I had the pleasure of joining the judges panel for the recent MadeForMums awards 2020

As the video above shows, I was invited to speak at the famous London Baby show early in 2020.

Some of the brands I’ve worked with

Please contact me at marley@midwifemarley.com if you would like to discuss your campaign or event further, or if you would like a comprehensive media kit.

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