Specacular Student Midwife – Evi

Evi is another lovely addition to the series. She has a blog called ‘Being a Midwife’ and is in her second year of study.

Tell me about you, where you are from and what year you are in.

My name is Evi Kamperi and I come from Greece. I’m a proud Student Midwife and I am on my 2nd year.

Why did you decide you wanted to become a midwife?

Birth is my passion. I find it so brightful and inspiring for life! I love the fact that I can lead a baby into life and a mother into parenthood. I am present in a miracle of creation of 2 new lives,ˑ both newborn and the mother.

How was the admissions process? Did you do any preparation before you applied? What was the process for writing a personal statement like?

The process of getting into University and start studying Midwifery was a little different for me, since I study in a Greek University. In Greece, Midwifery is not a master’s degree, but a bachelor’s. That means I passed into University through Pan-Hellenic Exams (exams that every Greek student has to take in order to get into University). I studied for those for 1,5 year and I can easily say it was not the most pleasant experience, because of the extreme stress. But here I am!

What has been the highlight of your time so far?

The first birth that I physically attended. Three words: Strong, Emotional and Brave.

What have you not liked so much?

The one and only thing that I can think of is losing a patient (mother or baby). Thankfully I haven’t so far, but I’m terrified of the day it will happen, because I’m a very emotional person.

Tell me 3 qualities that make an excellent midwife

Respect, great knowledge and excellent communication skills. Have those, and the only thing you are missing in order to be “excellent” is experience.

What are your plans for when you qualify? Do you have any specific interests?

I’m planning on getting a Master’s in Global Sexual and Reproductive Health and I hope that someday I will join MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières – Doctors without Borders) in order to provide my knowledge to people that crucially need it.

What is the workload like, really?

True story is Midwifery is not as easy as some people think. So far I studied a lot more than I thought at first. Actually, study hours can get crazy, especially if you keep yourself busy on numerous levels (studying, seminars, congresses, blogging, language learning, and more) as I do. But I love it and I will keep it like that. Also, my favorite part is the face-to-face practice in the hospital.

Do you have any interesting placement stories that stand out? Remember to keep everything confidential, don’t name the hospital, staff or clients.

I do not have any yet. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing though!

Give me a few random facts about yourself!

I’m Co-Writer at the “Being a Midwife” blog, I’m optimistic and I love books of any kind. I am a very emotional and giving person that always wants to help everyone.

What tips do you have for any prospective student midwives?

Be kind, respectful and be yourself. Study as much as possible (the more the better) and pay attention to the details when you are in the hospital. Those are the “must haves” for a student Midwife to succeed.


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