What Colour Eyes Will My Baby Have?

What colour eyes will your baby have? Can you predict the colour of your baby’s eyes? According to genetics, science tells us these are all the different parental eye colour combinations along with the chance of having a baby with a specific colour. Unfortunately the ‘Hazel & grey eye colours don’t appear to be included in statistics but many would see hazel as a variant of brown and grey a variant of blue.

Baby eye colour chart
Baby eye colour chart from Instagram

I posted this chart on my Instagram page recently and it appears that there are lots of exceptions to the rule! Many comments concluded that their parents had green eyes for example and they have brown eyes. Perhaps it would have been more realistic to change the percentage from 0% to <1% as there is always going to be that person who falls outside the box!

You can see that Brown is a dominant gene only when paired with green eyes. Other than that, the odds of having either a blue eyed baby or brown eyed baby with parents who have both eye colours is actually 50/50!

Are Babies Eyes Blue When Born?

There is a common misconception that e eyes when they are born. This may be the case for many fair skinned and caucasian babies but those babies who are darker skinned (African, Caribbean, Asian etc) will usually be born with dark eyes too. The initial eye color of your newborn depends a lot upon your ethnicity. 

If you and your partner are of European descent, there is a good possibility that a baby’s eye color will start out as blue.  However, when the melanosomes which are the cells found within the iris of the human eyes begin to make melanin (eye pigment) and the baby’s eyes will begin to darken in colour. They may well stay blue though, especially if you both have blue eyes!

The eyes tend to change in colour within the first 6-8 months. Yes it really can take that long before your baby has their true eye colour!

So if you already have children, what colour are their eyes in comparison to the chart? Leave me a comment below 🙂

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